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Me Gots Da 1200 too!

Ok, I can't explain how happy I am.

It's a 030/50 with 16mb fast ram and it'll be 32 mb soon. It's not in perfect condition, actually previous user broke a pin in the mouse port but it's still usable that way. He's an interesting guy, he built a beautiful os3.9 and I don't think I'll format it. I thought I had a cool workbench setup with WinUAE but this one is as good as mine Using a standard ide interface he burned a cd before my eyes. I did not know this was possible with a CDRW on a simple 2.5" to 3.5" cable! It also has a 40x CD-ROM (I did not buy his CDRW), some broken joysticks and a 2.5GB HD with OS 3.9 installed along with lots of WHDLoad games and utilities. I should mention tons of CDs and stuff too

As for the monitor, I did not make a cable but found an adapter instead. Now I'm using Euro72 screenmode under workbench and it's cool (hot?) as hell. Unfortunately I have to use my TV card with other resolutions but surprisingly image quality is not that bad BUT there is no sound because the TV card generates too much noise! The Amiga works well with a TV so I'm sure it's not faulty but I have to use it silent for some time. I think I'll get a better TV card, this one does not even have Win2k drivers so I'm using a generic driver

Thanks to everyone who helped me about this issue. EAB rules
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