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Today... um, no yesterday I discovered something good about my wife's b*st*rd IBM laptop.

It started locking up in XP to the point where it now locks up booting.
Driver's, re-install, physical abuse...
all no go.
Had to buy her a new one. Damn! There goes the current retro-budget.

Out of curiosity before binning it I installed BeOS - runs fine.
Tried Linux - Locking up again!
Installed Amithlon - Hey! I've got a fully-functioning AmigaOS laptop!
( well - a few issues to iron out )

As my 'A3000' is ( currently ) dead - good news!

IBM Thinkpad that doesn't like XP or Linux but is happy to run BeOS or AmigaOS - shows good taste!

Is anyone else here married to a superhero?
Sam's 'special ability' seems to be a death-to-electronics field...
I can't begin to list the number of computers etc that have given-up just by her walking into a room...
6 months for a new laptop shows how well made IBM stuff must be!
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