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*** Below post quoted from another News thread "Stepfive final, debugged and freeware ...". Thought I'd only quote, not merge to leave the game author's post at the top ***

Originally Posted by mrodfr View Post
After some attempts for cleaning the code Eric M. aka Byron and his friends of NightLight Team have made on line the last freeware version of Stepfive, A tetris-like AGA and PAL and now freeware.

The previous version, dated 1996, has got a big bug when the player came to level 8.

This last version had :

- Some old bugs corrected.
- Less difficulties.
- Improvement of the code (ASM).

With the links, you can see some old productions during 90's years made with Nightlight Team (sorry for the French site only) :

- Screenshots and demos made on Amiga 500. See the Sonic the Hedgehog demo for amiga !!!.

- 2 Demos made on powermac 4400/200

- Stepfive Game, on the part "amiga1200"

The authors are curious to see if some feedback will be made for their old products and wish you a good fun with Step Five.

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