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Originally Posted by PeterK View Post
I've just checked out if it's possible to make the OS 3.5+ icon.library resident
with Remus. Remus has no problem to include it into the ROM, but after the
system has finished booting, this icon.library does not appear in the list of
resident modules. Instead the icon.library from the Libs: drawer is still in use.
It's also not possible to load it resident with 'LoadResident', but it works with
'LoadModule', maybe because LoadModule supports other module/file types??

Does anybody find a way to modify icon.library 45.1 and load it successfully
from a ROM. The docs of LoadModule are talking about some undocumented
file structure. Maybe that's the reason and the key to solve this problem?
OS 3.5 and 3.9 have the following lines in the Startup-Sequence:

C:RemLibrary icon.library
C:RemLibrary workbench.library

If these are still there that may be why icon.library isn't resident.
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