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Originally Posted by amigarobbo View Post
Lithium is for Bipolar disorder, nothing to do with schizophrenia.

sorry, carry on!

And theres me thinking it was used non-exclusively for serious psycological disorders resultant of manic episodes.

Although litium carbonate is prescribed (between 600 - 900mg) per day for most patients suffering from manic episodes brought on by a bipolar disorder, this is not an exclusive drug.

The theory of the drug (wich one could argue LSD being a derivative) is that by changing the chemical soup the brain bathes in, it increases nuron activity across the whole brain, obviously Lithium treatments are closely monitored as the body does build up an imunity, dependancy as well as a toxiciy to it.

Most of the time Lithium Carbonate is used with other anti-depresenents and treatments. the sad fact is that for 70% of the people that are prescribed Litium will have to take it indefinately.

(at least they stoped the electro-shock therapy!.... in some countrys)

There was some interesting studdies done by Patworth hospital (during WW2) and the US miliitary during the Koeran war, although not all the facts would be known, thier reseach suggests that Litium intake over prelonged periods promotes depression and lower response times (this i rmember seeing on TV documentary )

I love the internet... you can find almost anything there now all we need to know is (a) how did robo know about the bipoolar explcit condition, and (b) whom do with think lithium should be prescribed to...


Now at the risk of th mods removing this post i best mention a few other WB hacks that I use.

there is also
  • Fblit - already mentioned
  • FMQuad / FMQuadNTSC
  • Kill it / Run it
  • WHDLoad (obviousy)
  • Power Tools
  • Class Act (is this really a hack ?)
  • New Icons (wich since OS3.5 i dont use)

I am sure theres more
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