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Re: No problems here Paul

Originally posted by Ian
Look the same as you first picture on my system, so it ain't a emulator problem.

Thing I think you should check for in your config:

68000 cpu slow but more compatabile mode and match A500 speed.

OCS chipset & fast coppers.

Kick start 1.3

Could be because I'm using the bug fixed skid row version too.

Edit: Just checked the other version and that works fine too
Changed my config from
Full ECS, fastest possible, but maintain chipset timing, 68000 slow more compatible and fast coppers KS1.3

OCS, match A500 speed, 68000 slow more compatible and fast coppers, KS 1.3

This made it work perfectly. Strange. Although, I have been having problems with my PC! The whole computer kept freezing every 30 seconds. After a battle and a defragment, seems ok now.

Thanks Ian!
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