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It is quite clear Stokey that you are asking for SUPPORT to be directed too a public key because, the latest version of Frog player for Amiga does not RECOGNISE YOUR LEGALLY PURCHASED KEYFILE.

Or a way to PURCHASE a new one that does work !

I would have thought going back to the OLDER,LAST WORKING version was ALL you needed to do imediatly as the way I used to get round AVI wmv problems was using file conversion program's.

However I do not know which of the versions your running 68K or PPC as these were the last two I used myself.

I know that there were crossplatform version,s made by the original developers...but since I have NOT used a working REAL Amiga for 2 years I cannot comment on what has happen to this player since.

What I can say is that Aminet USED to carry quite a few mpeg film players that worked up to the speed of the B or C Vision grapics card added.

Can you clear up whether infact you are trying to use this program via EMU or real amiga so at least we can get past any earlier mis-understanding

I certainly believe your question deserves a bit more research which will be assisted by your answers

Thank you

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