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Thumbs up Back To The Roots back from the dead!

Yes, you read that right, the popular legal Amiga games site that seemed to have disappeared for almost eons. Well it's now back up and running as of today! Well, not quite 100%. All the pages, indexes and hosted sites are back up, but the downloads have yet to become available again. There's a new Site Blog page up that gives visitors the lowdown on what's been going on lately server-wise and their attempts to get everything reactivated like before. I'll quote from the first entry (by hippie2000), which is a long piece explaining the reason for the downtime....

BTTR Status information

Since a lot of different rumours about the loss of the main
archive crossed the rumour experienced Amiga- and Emulationscene here a short
status update:

The BTTR-Server never was switched off, it just ran without administration the
last 2 years (more precise since summer 2005). This shouldn't have been a
problem, since everything but the updates is automatted.

Surely everyone has noticed that we had massive storage space problems in this
time, which recuded our update frequency a lot. By asking the community for
contributions we tried to finance our disk space hunger, having still a lot of
unreleased material in the queue.

With time we received quite some contributions, so that the future of this
project should be safe. Despite the stabilty and automated nature of BTTR, the
hard disks totally ran out of space during the net-absence of our coder Ralf
Steines (aka hippie2000). This yielded in important parts of the BTTR-engine to
be overwritten with zero sized files. The result could be seen by everybody.

However, Ralf's back, the core team is reunioned, and we are currently working
on our server, located at the university of Trondheim to allow further
expansion of our project.

To everyone who donated so far: Be sure your contribution arrived, and will
only be used for the intended subject. Everyone else is still welcome to
donate. More details on

In the next weeks we will restructure our servers from scratch, configure
everything to finally return in our old pride. After this further updates are

Until then the main archive will be online with limited functionality, so you
can see that we are back. Have some little further patience please.

Greets to all, yours team.
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