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Suitable resolution for CD32 emulation in windowed mode?


I'm still looking for a suitable resolution that I can use for the CD32 emulation in WinUAE.
As I spoke with Bernd Schmidt about this centering issue, he told me that the horizontal centering is not intended to be used in 800x600 mode. Now then. I've never known about that until now, and I've always complained about this ugly stripe at the right side of the screen. But a screen off-center isn't cool, either, so...

Back on topic. Unlike in "normal Amiga" mode, 640x480 is too little and 768x576 is too much!
768x576 (a.k.a. Overscan mode) makes a perfect playing screen, though. BUT you can't center your screen, unless you can live with your special friend, the stripe. I can't, 'cause this thing annoys me like hell, and Bernd doesn't intend to fix it for modes higher than 640 ... something.

So is there any resolution you can use in CD32 mode except the ones I mentioned that fits perfectly and doesn't cut off anything?

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