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Ya' like it Retr0?
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*shakes head*

Gods? please.... its not anymore than the 2rd rate platformer at best...

To be honest there are a few of other platformers of that year that spank it hands down but arguably between a game of gods or a forced 2 hour session of Rick Dangerious 2 and a half then simply i prefer rick dangerious2 1/2! and that is an exercise in inrcedible tediousness.

Oh and that list (of few) i was on about
  • Leander
  • PP Hammer
  • Turrican II
  • First Samurai

but other than booting the game up for the intro-tune moment.... i will never understand why.... Gods gets the Ooohs and Ahhhs.... damn shite and did i mention yawning-boring.

[okay.... bitmap brothers hate is now off...]

Please dont get me wrong though, I do love Chaos Engine, absolutely awesome from concept to execution! and I honestly believe Speedball 2 will still be spoken on the lips of much older men in 20 years time, while sheading a tear for bygons past...

(cannot comment on cadaver as i never played it...)

but as much as i loved CE and SP2.... i would give them up for Any alien breed LOL but thats just personal preff...

I haven't actualy voted here yes as,..... well i cannot... i can think of a couple of titles from each that are indeed awesome... but if any i think i will vote sensible... with mega-lo-mania / snesi golf / sensi soccer /

well now imma stumped....

project x
worms (even if they just marketed / capitalized infact franchised on it!)
Alien Breed 92
Alien Breed 2
Alien Breed TA
Alien Breed 3d


sod voting... its to damn hard!
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