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Originally Posted by DrF View Post
Looks very good, dont know if its me, but I think I found a small animation bug, if you walk say left and then walk right fast enough the animation stops and you kinda walk with no animation (the broom stops moving)
Hi Drf,
I know about this "bug" can't solve it now... sorry


Big update avaiable now!

I made a lot of improvements to version 2.5 which is avaiable now for download!

The changes:
- Now there are 3 music-tunes in the game!!!
1 for menu, credits, messages etc...
1 for the world
1 for the caves

- All audio is now external in seperate folders!

- If the witch enters a cave, it is not possible to exit the cave immediately.
This I made, because lots of people asked about this. If they entered a
cave, the often were thrown out of it... Now you have to wait a few
seconds to be able to leave a cave.

- Some improvements and cleaned-up the sources

Cheers, Markus
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