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Speaking of bugs reminded me of a review of Anarchy online I read on Somethingawful (which usually doesn't feature reviews). As far as I could tell from the numerous crashes described this was more like a pay per play beta version wrapped in a box. Buggy indeed.

But there are still some games which aren't bugged to death. I don't know if anyone of you know the game Oni. I just bought the PC version after having played the cracked version for a short bit (need to find someone to throw it at. CDs make great throwing discs). I was actually surprised at that game when I went to look for patches. I've only been able to find cracks, and a patch for the demo to add another level. Not one patch apart from that. The game runs fine without them too. That's a rare thing to find. Especially in a kind of game which defies the typical game genre by combining hand to hand combat with 3D instead of the typical only shoot games.

Just goes to show that there are at least hope that some games manufacturers may still actually care wether there are bugs or not in their products.
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