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Originally Posted by Muzkat View Post
In my humble opinion, the Chaos Engine obliterates the Alien Breed games on every level imaginable. The Chaos Engine looks better, sounds better, oozes style, is more fun to play and has better controls then the Alien Breed games.

well, the free-roaming aspect and hours and hours of gameplay provided by Tower Assault for me easily obliterates anything in CE.

sure CE probably looks better than the original AB, but not ABTA, and AB2 is still on-par with it i reckon. Thats very much a personal choice though, as i dont think the bitmaps graphical style holds up as well in CE as it does in say Xenon 2 or Speedball 2. (Cd32 version of the latter excluded, since it's flipping ugly as sin!)

i cant even remember any of the CE music, so i definately cant agree on the sound aspect.

controls wise... interesting one, as i find it near identical... except AB has the excellent "retreat" mode, and with a CD32 pad, or winuae pad-mapping the controls are just lovely. (it is a bit clunky on a keyboard though, i will agree there)

lastly the Alien Breed series is an excellent pastiche of the movie Aliens.... you cant go wrong with that in my eyes!

still, everyone rates things differently.... which is why there are are miggy games out there for everyone.

I still think "Sensible Aliens" (a top down shooter like both AB and CE, in the classic Sensible style) would have been better still - although it would have to be nothing like the CF2 alien levels!
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