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A fair point, all programs have bugs. But today bugs seem more "acceptable" to the companies who release the software. A large number of people have Internet access now, so the companies can get away with releasing unfinished games and distributing patches later. Nowadays the number of bugs a game contains is often mentioned in reviews in the same way as it's graphics or sound, as though they were an acceptable part of the product .

Also, I think a lot of the bugs in PC games are much, much more serious than those in older software. Sure, if a game crashes it may not be the fault of the game itself - it could be the graphics or sound card drivers. But is the developers responsibility (IMHO) to ensure at least a decent level of testing. Sure, software is much more advanced today; but then our development tools and knowledge of software development are too (supposedly).

I can never remember an Amiga game which crashed as much as PC games. Sure, some games didn't work on some configurations (esp the A1200) - but at least then, they would never work. They wouldn't let you play for twenty minutes and then dump you back to the OS.
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