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Good point there Maverick357

Another aspect in this debat:
If u look at the film industry. When a movies is 3 yrs old, you can watch it for free in the tv (I know the channels pay for it, but I don't). If u would like to buy the movie u go for the DVD, with extra stuff on. Then it's fair to pay for it.

The software industry could do the same. Like Sierra did with there compl of the old adv. game. They where well done, with extra stuff, and they where made to work on newer machines. They have made some of the old stuff avaible for abandonware.
They also have support for all their games not just the new ones.

The futur belongs to the internet. And to sharing through the internet. The industry have to reconsider their attitude towards stealing our money with alot of bugs-infected games/software. Start treating the comsumers with respect. Otherwise people would continue to share software.

Like the message from the cracking groups. A game worth playing is a game worth buying. This still counts. The problem today is most game are not worth playing.....
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