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There will be no proper graphics cards on a CPU. The reason performance graphics card (as in, "3D") have separate memory is because nobody wants to share the already oversaturated memory bus with DMA to external memory (as on Amiga). And 256-1024MB of internal memory is far off from today's roughly 2MB cache. Why? Dye space and heat.

The reason CPU, gfx, io, sound etc are separate are a) to offload the CPU (each unit doing their thing simultaneously) and b) to provide upgradability. If the PC standardizes completely, we might see a packaged solution, but CPU dies are crowded as they are. And "lately" bridge chips etc have been put on separate chips to make room and save heat.

PCs are mostly for Office users and gamers. There might be something like a low-chip count solution for the very low end Office crowd / laptops, but no. There's no sign the rest of us (who use PCs because they run the most software and are a decent investment due to upgradability/expansion) will buy something that runs slower and can't be upgraded.
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