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CPU actually doesn't seem that shabby. This computer with specs from 1999 will probably be in a designed housing, that's the notion I got from it.

What worries me is

1) No outspoken support for which OS it will run.
2) No outspoken support for which graphics cards it'll run. We're gonna buy a card and chance it that this company has drivers for it?
3) Can't run games, demos, etc natively.

The minimum definition of an Amiga is simple: a computer that can run an OS by Commodore Amiga and the games and demos flawlessly and in real time. (WHDloaded if the original programmer used kickstart-dependant code, knew nothing of future accelerator quirks, etc.)

After all, emulators do a great job, and their only flaw really is not being real-time. Which is due to the programmer having to be compatible with PCs that do not have realtime video/audio hardware. If new hardware isn't real-time, they have no advantage over emulators at all.

As a subset of this definition, I'm only interested in those that run Commodore Amiga OS, demos and games Natively. That's why I like FPGA type solutions better - making "what an Amiga is" with modern components, which will preserve it for the future! <3
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