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I think personnaly, that today new games are piece of shit for many reason.
I will explain:

1)There is a lot of bugs that make the game unplayable or make it unfinishable.
With previous games (the old classics games), there whas not every month A LOT of patches to repair corrupt games.
There whas finish product, and only public release/bug free sold.
Today EVERY software house sold bugged software and unfinished programming games.

Just for example, Fallout 2 and Jagged Alliance 2 are bugged to death and with the patch applyd, the games regularly crash loosing every move made in the game(s).

If the software house publishing want sell shit, then i will not buy it anymore, they are blind enough to see that they are making selfkill.

2) They say that he loose billions of dollars because piracy.
Well, this is a true story.
I want really a lot the last 'Jagged Alliance 2' game and the adds-on 'unfinished bussiness".
I have contacted the german distributor by mail, the french distributor by mail, and directly Sir-tech at Canada.
I have phonecall more than 20 games shops here in Belgium.

The distributors never reply and the answord of Sir-Tech-Canada 'Contact the local distributor'.

When i got finally (second hand on E-bay) it whas bugged to death both of it and the adds-on editor whas poorly made ('you can just create simplified map with some ennemis and objects).

I whas terribly disapointed because the previous version of 'Jagged Alliance' (dos version vga) whas perfect enjoyable.

Today Sir-tech is death because they sold bugged software and the contact/selling/distribution of there games whas shit.

With this very bad experience, i laugh when i read report like this in the press or on internet.

'Piracy have made a lost of x millions of dollars '.
Really, they cannot loose monnay that they have never want sell.
With shareware authors, i have made more good contact than whit big software house !!!

3) The games of today have no good story or no spirit.
When Doom whas out, there whas a lot of bad clones sold after.
Today, everithing is 3D games, where are the good 2D arcades games, where are the good old fashioned bug free adventure games like 'Explora 1 - 3' on Amiga or the 'Flight of the Amazone queen' on Amiga and so many games that had a very good story ?

Before i whas buying every month 2 modern games for the pc (and before for the Amiga ) but after a while of disapointing, i buy very few games today !
The last new games whas 'Jagged Alliance 2 + Add-ons' sold separately on E-Bay (because no new to find !).

Today, i play and enjoy more the good old game that had buy and played in the past on the Spectrum emulator and the Amiga.

4) If the software house sold there games for 12.5 € then i will buy every game that interest me (if they are not bugged to death !!) and i think that every serious gamers will do it the same.

Because, at this price i will not loose my time to search internet a warez copy just for testing the game.
I will buy it in the boxed with original cd-rom.

Fighting warez/pirats is stupid and it is a loosed war.
1) You have the right to make a personal backup of your program/game but you can't because the protection.
Only the honest user is punished because pirats will remove rapidly the protection, and (you can see today with billions of games emulated) protections will never stop somebody to play the pirated game, but the software loose in all case.
There games are somelike corrupted (part of screen at the begining is gone for space for example) and the history will give him bad reputation.

In place of finding difficult protection sheme, they better create better games and more imaginative ones like CodeMasters, Ultimate Play The Game, UBi-Soft, ect... in the good old time of bug-free games.

5) I think that software must think twice about the emulation and the abandonware:

a) Real good games of old classics is a good advertising method and make a good reputation.
Why they don't use some of the old succes games to make a new story with the previous characters like an 'Explora 4', an Manoir de MorteVieille 2' or Maupity Island 2' with enhanced graphics/musics/ect...

And then make the original games disks/tapes of this games downloadable.
They waste millions of dollars and thousand hours of programming for protecting games and in the advertising system (radio/tv/press), they better think again they economic strategy because to go directly to selfkill like Sir-Tech Canada and so many software publishers !!!

6) A day of another day, the gamers community will be bored to buy craps and bugged games, and this time, software publishers will have only theyr eyes to cry.
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