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>> What will be the point of connecting the 1200? Will 1200 be able to
>> benefit from a1 hardware? How?

It's the other way round: The A1 will benefit from the A1200 motherboard
(remember the A1 is standard hardware, pretty much like a Mac). With an A1200
mobo attached...

* A1 has access to the custom chips (for games and old apps like Scala or Brilliance)
* A1 can read Amiga formatted floppy disks
* You can continue to use digital Amiga joysticks

Stuff like that (some people bought very expensive and high-quality A1200 soundcards,
some my want to use their 4player adaptor etc.)...

Personally, I don't need it, but there seems to be demand for such a solution.


>> I was there on Saturday when it was being demonstrated at the Alt.WoA show.

Lucky you

>> Interesting about the A1200 PCI card. I wonder how much that will cost.

50 UKP were mentioned somewhere.
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