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Originally Posted by turrican3 View Post
i like all kinds of games nothing special.
really all kinds of game, if i make a list it will be too long.


Strategy - Full Metal Planete - great game once you understand it, better still with friends.

Action Strategy - Steel Empire (Cyber Empires) This is great, mech based blitzkrieg with 2D action and lots of potential for tactics and strategy.

Space Sim - Warhead. Very cool 3D game with a unique approach. Weird and wonderful hard core science fiction.

Resource Management - Deuteros. Very atmsopheric science fiction, with research, development, mining and conflict. Legendary game.

Shoot-em-up-strategy - Gravity. Full-on weirdness here, again Science Fiction, what it lacks in polish it makes up for in originality and design.

Shoot-em-up-tactical - Paradroid. Beautifully designed thinking man's action.

2D Strategy - MechForce 3.71 on Aminet, Turn based Mech game with plenty of depth. Very cool game.

Flight Sim - Falcon (and Reach for the Skies) great aerial combat, good looking air sim.

There are reviews of these on the AGDB. Good hunting.
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