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Cool AmigaOne is cool

I was there on Saturday when it was being demonstrated at the Alt.WoA show. It was basically just a PC with one side that was transparent so you could see all the gory bits. I was quite impressed with it though and it does sound like a great new way forward for the Amiga. A lot better than all this PDE crap that Amiga inc keep going on about. I think this is one of the best things to happen to the Amiga in years. Interesting about the A1200 PCI card. I wonder how much that will cost. If the AmigaOne does see the light of day I will certainly buy one. The Amithlon was also demonstrated at the show. I watched it running the Amiga version of Descent: Freespace and it was extremely fast. I still think it's a little too expensive at £100 though. I'd probably buy it if it was more closer to £60.
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