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> Ok, I dont think I understood correctly. This is how I got it... the
> motherboard does not have a socket for connecting the A1200 mobo anymore,
> instead, you have to buy an optional PCI card, which serves as a connection
> between the A1 mobo and the A2100 mobo.

That's correct.

> This means I'll have, for example, a tower with the AmigaOne inside, and then
> a ribbon going nastily from my tower to an A1200 deck...

No. That ribbon cable should be as short as possible, so you would still have to
put both motherboards into th same case...

> This just makes the A1 pooey. I would have liked (if I was to buy it, which I
> was not and still am not) to have both mobos in one tower...

That's still what you'll have to do. Eyetech sells towers that can take both mobos,
but with the "ribbon cable solution" you could use *any* tower that's big enough
and use some duct tape to fix the A1200 mobo in place
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