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Originally Posted by Fred the Duck View Post
I don't know much about Europe, but to tell me that giants such as Nintendo and Sega being negated by the marketing retards of Commodore seems apocryphal or hyperbolic. To be sure, the hardware of the AGA machines blew the Super Nintendo and Sega Genesis/CD out of the water, I agree!
Maybe the marketing arm in Europe was superior to the US/Cananda marketing arm, because the Amiga was almost completely unknown here.
The Amiga was numero #1 in Europe before Sega and Nintendo got involved with the Megadrive and SNES. Before that, both Sega and Nintendo didn't have major success with the Master System or the NES, the UK especially was a predominantly a home computer country (C64, Spectrum, Amstrad).

Regardless of Sega or Nintendos marketing, if the AGA Amigas had been released at the height of the Amigas popularity, both Sega and Nintendo would have stalled in the UK. I mean, it was all grey imports to start with, both of them weren't initially interested in the UK.

If all the software companies that were developing on Amiga first (which they would have been as the Amiga had greater software sales back then), then any conversions from AGA to Megadrive/SNES would have suffered, and that for a lot of people, would have been as great a marketing tool as you would have needed.

In the UK and Europe, both Sega and Nintendo were not these unstoppable forces as they were in the US.

Times change though
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