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Originally Posted by Pyromania View Post
I worked for Commodore between 1990-1991.
Hi blade, I must tell you, that in regards to your ideas about god and "not knowing", you might use my logical method.
life is a gamble. So it is best, in cases where certainty is unattainable, to use educated guesses based on probability.
In this case, based on understanding of economics, computer platforms, MS tactics, etc, I guessed that MS would not bother.
I would surmise I am correct.
I need not have been a part of Hitler's staff to guess that his reason for bombing London was due to one reason or another.
An educated guess might be based on him wanting to terrify Britain into surrender instead of undertaking a very difficult cross-channel invasion.
That of course being based on my understanding of the state of the weather, strength of the Royal Navy, Luftwaffe, political considerations,etc.
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