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Amazing people

OK.. If a mod feels that this doesn't belong here then please move it, thank you

Last night... Awesome night.. lol

I picked up a friend from her house yesterday evening 'cause we were going down to a friends for a big film/drinking night...

We got there, had a load of stuff to drink.. Finally me and her both left at around 2:30 - 3:00am... Walking up the street towards where we lived, staggering as we went..

Got as far as my house, and since she was so pissed it was decided that she'd spend the night over my house...

Now it gets even more interesting.. (She's a stunning girl btw, that's important to note at this point)

She walks into my room and declares "Oh my god! You have an amiga 3000!" At this point you can guess my reaction to some hot girl getting excited about amigas...

From then it got better... After a quick perusal of my (quite small) software catalog we ended up playing Flashback for the best part of an hour (still pissed)... She's was going through the whole "This game is awesome, I forgot how great amigas were". But wait.. there's more... She then went on to say "I'll have to get my A1200 Tower out and set it up next to my Commodore 64"..

So, this acts as proof that there are beautiful women out there who love amigas and that they can be found in the least expected places... Ah, if only we were both single... lol.. But neither of us are... (Thankfully the fianceƩ is visiting her mother for quite a while so I won't get in trouble for writing this...) I swear that girl is a female me... but infinitely hotter!

If there's any spelling mistakes in the above it's 'cause I'm still feeling the effects of the alcohol.
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