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Originally Posted by Fred the Duck View Post
You need a shot of anti-dramatic over-the-top statement serum ASAP.
Seriously, I don't think MS would have given a rat's ass about Amiga. MS is and was about business and home computing dominance. Amiga sold what, 1.5 million copmputers?? Amiga was more of a gaming/graphic platform. The Apple OS and Sun and UNIX systems (later Linux) is what MS was after. You guys with conspiratorial theories need to get real.
I dont know Fred. I mean none of us worked for Commodore, none of worked for Microsoft during that period so none of us really know what the inside working of each company was at that time in relation to the Microsoft & Commodore issue. ( yeah i know Commodore fucked up mostly on their own )

If Microsoft was part of what happened, then maybe you would have look deeper than just competition, but maybe at what they stood to gain from its demise, and what they stood to gain could have been anything, and none of could even begin to fathom the business plan of Microsoft.

In a nutshell, its no good saying we are wrong, and its no good us saying we are right. Its like trying to dispute the existence of God. Shit i don't know if he is really there?, i don't believe there is, but i guess i will never know till i am dead, just as Bible basher will dispute he is real but with no real evidence.

No one knows, No one ever will know, and to say people are wrong is like saying that i am going to die in car accident exactly a year from now. You just don't know.

Hmmm, now i feel like eating some Duck ( And no, i don't mean that Fred !!. Get your mind out of the gutter, you dirty bitch )
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