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Originally Posted by laffer View Post
Got him! Before sunset too! However, there were still a few other planes left so I didn't finish the level before sunset.

EDIT - here you can see a little clip of how I finished the level.. as you can see, I'm not good at aiming.. but when the game runs at that speed, aiming is pretty difficult I think!

[ Show youtube player ]
Hi there; I adored Wings when I first got my own Amiga, and have since moved on to less ancient and creaking flight sims, but seeing your thread in passing and watching your video gave me the urge to fire it up and try it again!

One thing which will help you enormously, and does work in Wings is Deflection Shooting; in your video most of your kills are from directly behind the target as they fly level and straight ahead, and your approach towards them as they turn tends to lag... by that I mean if they are turning and moving left, your nose tended to be pointing behind the enemy, to their right. What you need to do is point your nose ahead of where they are, on the inside of their turn; this allows you to close the distance quicker (as you are turning a tighter circle if your nose is ahead of them) as well as take the Deflection shots... fire to where they will be when the bullets have travelled the distance between you and them.

Doing that, despite not playing since the late 90s, I managed to kill both craft in the first mission before the AI could get a sniff... If I remember rightly, the way to handle the faster planes which run (as in your video) was not to keep following them (You are setting yourself up for their quicker mates to attack you) but to simply do a full 360 turn, away then back again, as they ran off. That way the distance between you quickly increases enough for the AI to turn as well and come back for a shot at you, as well as breaking the line of sight for anyone on your tail. Don't fly straight at them though as they come back, as they'll fill you full of holes, but fly offset (they are on the left or right of your screen) and either then turn in at the last second to take the shot, or turn behind them as they pass to start the turning fight again.

Also, don't worry too much about the shoot 'em up sections, you can't die there
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