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Originally Posted by keropi View Post
I have never see the rtg patch in action, but do you think it will make a speed difference? I remember when I tried Zombie Massacre (and gloom?) rtg modes, the speed was about the same as AGA...
You're kidding right? Does it make a difference? That's like saying does a bear shit in the woods.

Of course it makes a difference! On WinUAE at least it makes a HUGE difference. I don't know the framerate but must be at least 10x faster on my machine than standard AGA. Maybe if you have a very very powerful PC it may run fast enough in normal AGA anyway. Mine is quite slow by todays standards and games like Breed 3D and Gloom Deluxe are slow as pish. Using RTG Gloom Deluxe is smooth as hell. So yes it does make a difference.

Why would someone go to the bother of writing an RTG patch if it wasn't going to make any difference to the speed of the game? Sheesh.
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