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My 'Amiga' is generally used for 'fiddling', but then all my computers are put to much the same 'use'.

With the exception of web-browsing I still use my 'Amiga' ( Amithlon ) for the majority of day-to-day stuff:
Word-processing, e-mail, GFX ( inc using a USB scanner ), MP3's.
( PSP on XP gets a fair bit of use too )

I find the environment more pleasant to use than any 'modern' alternative.
Though the old Amiga software doesn't compare feature-wise it does the job.
Most 'modern' software drives me crazy by its over-helpfulness & basic features often hidden under the useless extras.

Maybe this makes me some kind of retro-Luddite, though I think of it as simply using the most appropriate tool for the job.
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