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Originally Posted by Rebel-CD32 View Post
TheBoss, you know you have the most valuable and expensive Amiga game ever there? Copies of SSFIIT CD32 go for over 500 pounds on eBay sometimes.

The CD32 version has nice music, remixed versions of the arcade music at CD quality. These are the same tracks as used in the 3DO version of the game. Both versions (and the PC) looked the same and had parallax floors but no parallax backgrounds. The Amiga/CD32 versions play like shit though, and missed out on most of the sound effects and lots of animation. SSFII: The New Challengers plays much better, but has the shit graphics.
i wouldn't say challengers gfx are comparable to ssf2 snes's the best ssf2 amiga version and with cd32 pads you can have a lot of fun!
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