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Originally Posted by Angus View Post
Darn, so all that fun I thought I was having with games like Quake, Alien Breed 3DII and the rest was actually bogus.

Bother! I'll have to rethink my life now.

...on a more serious note, yup TKG does seem a bit crash prone with RTG patch. I've had a chance to give it a bit more of a go - still dark as hell.

Any suggested RTG settings for the 2 windows that come up? 060 with Mediator/Voodoo)
I have learned through the time that slow framerates=bad game play and bad rethink your life will be good
so now...
I don't play any first person shooter until Im sure I got at least 50fps on my computer

"Framerate is life" 3dmark 2001

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