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Homebrew Interest?

Would you consider purchasing smaller homebrew CD32 games starting at $10 to $13?

At this price, only the CD with professionally printed label would be included. More expensive packages would be available.
Assuming you would purchase the games, would you be more likely to buy just the CD or a full package?

Again, assuming you would purchase the games, how often would you be willing to purchase a new game, assuming the games were worth
purchasing. (There would be a minimum of 3-6 months between games, probably).

The games wouldn't be as big as a normal CD32 game, but would cost a fraction of the normal price.
How many people play a standard released game for more than an hour?

Does the time spent playing justify the cost?

Do you buy a game as a collectable item or to play it?

I'm pondering the future direction of RasterSoft and how to bring some quality games to the CD32. Developing homebrew games
on a non-commercially viable system does has some limitations; we do not have the time or resources to produce a full scale commercial style release. To compensate for this we want to keep the price as low as possible, narrow the focus to produce the highest quality game and, spread the cost over several game systems. I am trying to determine if the Mastertronic model, of producing smaller games at a 'smaller' price, would fit in the homebrew market.

Thanks for your time in answering these questions.
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