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Originally Posted by laffer View Post
I could use some help with this one, I'm really horrible at flight games even if they're as "arcadey" as this one.

We had a big play-a-thon on in July I think. You might find some useful tactical stuff by googling there.

But yes, as somebody said, I'm all for scaring off your buddies, and hammering an already doomed Fokker to get the credit. Lust for glory I think.

Speed wise - and I don't have Jedi reflexes - it played fine on my 060.
For people who prefer things slower there are tooltypes that can rduce the speed in WHDLoad.

Early in the game your skills are very low so survival is harder, but keep an eye on your status and you'll see your skills go up. Mind you the enemy improves too.

The handling is a bit bizzare so if you are trying to out turn an opponent, you seem to turn a lot quicker if you just bank over a few degrees rather a 90 degree job, and what's more for if the guy goes the "other" way and you are already banked over - don't worry about rolling over and banking the other way too, in "Wings Aerodynamics" (tm) its quicker and more deadly just to push forward on the stick and you'll turn back and bring him back into your sights very quickly.

Hope that made sense.

I personally would re-play missions when I wasn't satisfied with the result, so it takes longer to get through the game, but you come away with a lot more kills. Cheating of a kind, I suppose, but darn it some of those missions are pretty challenging and I wanted another attempt. Also, my upstart colleagues kept on netting all the kills, and you can't have that, now can you.
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