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Happy New version 0.8.21 R1 is great!

Hey-hey! Now we've got our Awesome thrusters!

The sound is so much better in this version. The last one I had tried was 0.8.14 R1. That version and several others seemed to be quite rough so I had fallen back to good old 0.8.8 R8.

I have seen some other posts today complaining about slow/stuttering/laggy sound in the new version 0.8.21 R1. I had this problem at first, but then just kicked up the sound buffer one notch at a time until it stabilized at 3. And guys, this is with an old AWE64 Gold ISA soundcard, so those of you with newer cards shouldn't think of them neccesarily as causing problems.

I'm happy! NTSC speed is correct, the emulation is faster and smoother than ever before, and the sound is just great! And we have our Awesome thrusters! YAAAY!

My system:

SuperPower SP-P2BXA (440BX)
Intel Pentium III 550@616 (Katmai)
Asus V6800 (Geforce 256 32MB DDR Deluxe)
AWE64 Gold ISA

I used to use my A500 with an external MIDI tone generator with the program Deluxe Music. I have transferred all my files to the PC but I can't get them to work with the same external MIDI tone generator, now connected to the PC through the serial port. I can get Deluxe Music to work with the soundcard through MIDI, though. Any ideas?
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