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I always say that, imagine an Amiga with 800 Mhz processor and 128 Mbytes of ram.. it would be the KILLER..

Today I was telling the history of gaming to a friend of mine, how everything started with Space Wars, then we had Pong, and those things, and I said "in near future, people will notice they are paying for endless clones of clones games, only getting better gfx, and then a small machine will born, and people will get back to the old days, everyone will buy this small machine and as usual, the whole history will repaeat"

Then I thought... maybe this small machine already exists..... what about the GBA?

The GBA has the power of nintendo behind it, and KIDS will buy it, then maybe the KIDS will discover the true of gameplay, will forget about those crap games we have today, then they will start looking for Amigas for the best expeirence in 2D gaming, and Amigas will start selling by the bucketload, and new Amigas will appear with the said 800 Mhz processor and 128 Megabytes, and people will use it to make crap 3D games....

It makes sense, doesn't?
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