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Re: 3D or not 3D that is the question?

Originally posted by bippym
Why is EVERY game that is being released, and that has been released for the past year or 2 HAVE to be in 3D?
I think you prolly were looking in the wrong places I have adopted the Gameboy Advance as the gaming saviour of the era... All 2D goodness, INCLUDING platformers. NO OTHER platform is getting good ole, fresh 2D platformers, only the Gameboy Advance...

Also, for other home consoles, you have to look at Japan... Many 2D shoot'em ups have been released, even so in the arcades... The japs still like 2D games, something most westerners have learned to loath for some reason...

I dont have much time to get ioonto the debate now, but the answer to the question is simple: 3D sells more to kids because they only crave eyecandy... And I actually preffer the eyecandy coming from a pixelly 2D game than that of a 3D. 3D has no character....

3D = eyecandy
2D = art
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