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Originally Posted by alexh View Post
It is a library which offers video games programmers direct access to the chunky frame buffer on RTG gfx cards.
Thanks for that. Well, I got it (RTGMaster library) installed - but the installer has got some serious issues. At the intermediate level it kept aborting with an "error on line 66 message". I went to the top level and got through the installation, but it still hadn't installed some stuff I'm sure I need and hadn't skipped. I put those in manually.

Oh well.

I tried some of the demos and they worked or not to varying degress, but essentially I think it is correctly installed now.

With the demos it was offering me the option of which c2p patch to use (Suzy, cpu040, etc) when I fired up TKG it worked, but didn't offer me a choice, I think I'm missing something here. The docs kind of assumed I had a bit more knowlege than I have. Any ideas?

Also the game was REALLY dark - is there anything I can do to improve that?

Anyway, thanks Alex, it worked. I'm most grateful to you.
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