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I agree completely with Keph here.... I love the bits of work that came from Europe back then. Euro coders always knew how to code well, optimized, excellent pieces of code. They had limited machines so they worked with the limitations and pushed the hardware they used sky high. I love hardware milking

About that Microsoft statement, I dont find that exact part very amusing, but I did find scary this bit:

I believe in a near future, the most important guy in the production of the game will be the graphic artist, there will be less work for the coders, as companies will battle for the best looking games
What the FUCK is that?? This means we won't get games anymore... Let's all go back to Dragon's Lair, and watch a barely interactive demo. I rather watch a demo by Blasphemy than having to pay for such a fucking thing. This shows us how teh industry thinks nowadays. It's sadly true, but most of the stupid consumers just make it worse.

I just hope his 'golden age' just means that the games industry goes down like hell, so we have a rebirth of it all. I want garage coding back ;/ All this shit must DIE before we can get gaming back. But today's kids buy games depending on its graphics. Pathetic. Oh yeah, kids are right. FUCK that. That's why I stuck with retrogaming methinks.

Argh this got me pissed off!
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