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You can visit me in Porsgrunn, and then we can practice together... :-)

I'm not any good, but i beat 7 people at the last WC (ended 43 of 50). What i learned there was that if you are ever going to be any good at kick-off, you have to practice, practice and practice. And that is no fun by sitting by yourself and play the computer.

I thought i was good at KO before loosing my KO-virginity by losing 10-0 in my first match :-) There are 5-10 "static" ways of scoring goals you HAVE to know if to be any good. The most easy one, BUT controversial, is lobbing at the middle of the pitch (when starting the game, or after a goal). If you do that right, you'll score almost every time... .

Unfortunately there are mostly Tromsø based norwegians who plays Kick Off, but there are also me and two guys located in Grimstad. Us four (included you) are the only known in the southern of Norway (methinks...). The ones in Grimstad is very good.

I'm building a house at the moment. I may invite to a local tournament when the house is up, and my "play room" is ready. If you still play Kick off then, you'll get an invitation wether you like it or not.
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