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i don't use much of them now, but i'm fond of:

HEX by Nicola Salmoria, an hex editor that could also display, on the fly, (and let you change!) what was in the RAM, like an Action Replay cartridge; it had also a nice search text function.

Edit, the notepad in ClassicWB, that has excellent shortcut functions, way cooler than any silly windows counterpart, tabs for multiple documents, and it's very complete for day to day typing. It was marvelous for text translations, for instance.

Protracker. c'mon, there's not a single tracker program on PC that could stand next to it.

Disksalv, as Alkis says. One program in a similar area that i still use, when checking my old disks is FixDisk, a more elaborate Diskdoctor with a GUI.

oh yeah, Diropus...
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