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oh jeez, because its not enough just to debate what games you like, now you have to have a debate about how you go about telling people what games you like and why???

talk about over-analysis guys... sheesh. time to just chillax and enjoy. if someone wants to just say "i like this game, even if few/none others do" why cant they? they are entitiled to opnions without having to go into lengthy detail to justify them. It's called personal taste. It's not "pointless" them saying it, even without reasons, because it gives other people an idea of the sort of thing they enjoy, and someone else in turn may then recommend something else to them that they think they may also enjoy. (hope that makes sense)

I like telling people that SWOS and Bloodwych are awesome. I dont have to back those statements up if i dont want to (it's almost -too- easy for me to justify it). If you want to know why i like them, you'll go off and play them yourself.

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