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Originally Posted by oneshotdead View Post
Top-ten lists are a waste of energy and time, and prove nothing. Many Amigans roll their eyes when they see these threads, they know you can't elevate Populous over Frontier, or over Secret of Monkey Island, or over Dungeon Master, not in any objective sense anyway, this is no science.
In your opinion, they are not a waste of time in my opinion because occasionally someone will mention a game I have not played and I will give it a try to discover it is quite good. For example I had never played Jet strike or Jet strike AGA until someone mentioned them in one of the top ten games of a certain year thread.

Originally Posted by oneshotdead View Post
So, your favourite game is Populous. Is your favourite colour blue? It is meaningless unless reasons are given. And even then, an extended essay on why one Amiga game should be elevated over another, unless a criterion of assessment is first agreed upon by the community, can only ever be tongue in cheek, can never really be a true indication of the value of a cultural artifact, in this case, an Amiga game. Hell, even then, the best communicator, the most convincing writer, could easily pull the wool over the eyes of many a reader.

Praising a game with superlatives of every kind doesn't cut it, nor does any kind of top-ten, even if fifty EAB members vote and unanimously agree on the apexes in Amiga gaming, they still are not necessarily accurate value indicators. _However_, with that said, I would prefer those who recommend games to give _reasons_, else I put no real credence in them.
This thread isnt about the best amiga game ever, its about hidden gems yet undiscovered by some members.

Originally Posted by oneshotdead View Post
Sigh, Why is oneshotdead spewing all this shit?
Find myself asking this same question when reading many of your posts over your short time here.
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