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Originally Posted by Hungry Horace View Post
it is invite only to become a member, and then search on the demonoid page, and to post your own torrents. It also monitors your up/download amounts.

However, it doesnt stop non-demonoid members from using their torrents afaik. (thus the tracker is public, even if the site is not)

i thought UG was one of these horribly restrictive private ones where you get booted for downloading something and then not being able to upload it back becasue no other f**ker wants it, or there are already too many seeds?
Yes and no

With Demonoid (AFAIK) you need a key to use the tracker other than for seeding, so I think you must have a user account hence need an invite.

...and yes, UG is one of those twatty sites that kick you off if you don't happen to have lots of popular stuff in your possession

So basically I would guess just like UG only with a much fairer system... and allow user content since only the users know what the users want. Which will probably mean kickstarts
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