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Thumbs up memory &1986

I shall speak on behalf of the CPC

I was active on the Amstrad CPC between 1986 and 1991. It was a very capable games machine with various graphics modes, decent sound, memory and processor power. The hardware design was cool too with everything built into one unit and they usually came with their own monitor, a step up from the RF modulator -> TV displays used by its C64 and Spectrum peers. It's probably the best thing Amstrad ever made and definitely an upgrade from the VIC-20 I'd been using before then.

The CPC had many high quality games with the most (if not all) of the major releases of the day making it to the platform. My personal recommendations would be to check out the original Cybernoid (best title track ever), ATF, Get Dexter!, XOR, War Machine, Spindizzy, Solomon's Key, Laser Squad and Nebulus. Some of these crossed the 16 bit line and appeared on Amiga as well. I'd love to see an Amiga Get Dexter! though

I wrote many BASIC games on the CPC and eventually learned enough Z80 assembly language to start on a "proper" game, a vertically scrolling shmup that went by the unlikely title YSEL: wot's it to you, tentacle face?. But I spent most of my time making type-in POKEs (cheats, trainers) for existing games and cracking them to load from disq instead of tape. Sound familiar ?

I've recorded some of my CPC activities on my website, where you can see more games I'd recommend and even play some in your browser, if you're Java enabled.

Other CPC sites worthy of mention would be CPC Zone, which would be the CPC equivalent of EAB & HOL combined

You should also look at Devilmarkus' site for over 300 CPC games to play online. He's been on here before and he's also made a Windows conversion of the Amstrad classic "Cauldron"

Amstrad CPC FTW !
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