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Originally Posted by Haakon View Post
I guess i have only played about 5% of all Amiga games, so i am pretty sure i will find some gems in the future. Looking forward to it

Edit: ok, 10% maybe...
10 % makes 400 games? i think i have at least started that number... played? about a couple of hundred at the best... plus the PD games that came in the magazines...
i don't think that but 20 or 30 games of them i did descovered through emulation, and really few were keepers.
the thing is that winuae, emulation in general, let me play now the games i was already fond of, without having my A1200 around, or fixing it, since it's broken.
for that only is a great thing to me, but hardly i have the time, patience and will to go searching through a huge lot of shitty games for undiscovered gems. there are, instead, lost games that i played back then, PD games, that still i would like to find again
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