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Originally Posted by alkis21 View Post
Do you think you have played all Amiga games that are worth playing? Or perhaps there is still a hidden gem out there you're not aware of that can become an instant favorite of yours?
And I quote:

"Welcome to the Amiga Games Database. It's purpose is to provide Amiga games players with an informed but subjective opinion on a wide range of games. A vast amount of Amiga titles have been written, some of them more than a decade ago. We've all come across some awful software in our time, but for many of us, there's a surprising quantity of undiscovered classic Amiga games out there. The AGDB is here to help you identify them."

This is something close to my heart. We've been investigating Gravity over on and its another special game that managed to slip under most people's radar. Weird though. :-)

I don't really have a shortage of Amiga games I haven't properly investigated. Sometimes this is down to time, sometimes down to the game being initially inacessible, and sometimes compatibility issues - thank goodness for the WHDLoad guys.

I'm currently trying to get Starfighter D'Yammen's Reign working, I mentioned Gravity, then there's things like Foundation, Fire Brigade, Freedom, Lords of the Realm, Arctic Fox, Debut. Omega and loads more.
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