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So much to respond to, no desire to do quotes.

I buy at Wal-Mart because I have to meet a budget. Their low prices allow me to do this. I can't see this parallel between Microsoft and Wal-Mart completely. While they are both monolithic money machines, that's where the similarities end. K-Mart and Target also pay minimum wage. But even if they didn't, you would expect Wal-Mart to since their prices are lower and they are expected to trim the fat at every corner. It's just business sense. Nobody forces people to work there for minimum wage, anymore than they do at McDonalds (another huge corporation - only one that fails to deliver a reasonable product for the price). I still shop at their competitors when they have loss-leaders in their sales papers. Shopping there is not a religion for me, it just saves me money.

The Wal-Mart in my town is the biggest in the entire state. And probably the newest, as well. It is very clean and very spacious. And they are open 24/7, which none of their competition is. Sometimes I have the need to go buy a Soundblaster card at 4:00am and at Wal-Mart, I can do this. I find this more productive shopping than, say, buying a copy of M$ Office 2000.

I ran a mom & pop video store in the early 80's. We thrived for years until the format became huge and video store chains like Blockbuster and their ilk came to town. We had to pack our bags, as well. It happens. It's business. Survival of the fittest. Life sucks sometimes.
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