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I'm wondering...

Was Jazz Jackrabbit 1+2 successful? It was probably the last 2d retro type game I remember on PC.

I guess it had to be popular, because they made a sequel, right?

I loved those two games- lovely slick graphics, and it was so damn fast! I remember reading a review of it though, and it made me feel bad. In the review, it had a list of good points and bad points about the game (JJ2). In the list of bad points it had a rhetorical question, which read something like:

"Is there really anbody who plays these games anymore?"

I was simply shocked to read this, because I thought at that time that 2d platformers and shooters and the like were simply going to last forever.

BTW: I wonder if that other "modern retro" game- the Reap-mentioned in another thread, is selling well.

I'm looking for it everywhere, but no shop I know stocks it.
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