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When i say: Not enough memory, it may be wrong, because, even if you have 32MB video card, you have RAM, also, RAM + Video have to make the game work ... ( and so, you have paginated memory ... )
When i say that, this is as a shortcut, because, a graphic card that have about 32Mb of memory may not work with every game ...

It would be better if i had a graphic card like this one ... because working on a GeForce 7900GT is more simple that working on a little graphic card ...

I don't know, perhaps i would be able to fix this.
But i don't have the control on everything ( DirectX can be strenge many time ...

Try to download this directX:
Can you update your graphic card ?

"Sprite not found at line 15xx"
This will mean that it wasn't able to create it ...
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