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The future of games : By Microsoft

I thought you guys would find this interesting, I readed in newspaper 2 or 3 weeks ago, about the E3 and stuff, and there's a "nice" thing said by the vice-president of the games division from Microsoft

they asked him "What do you think about the future of gaming?"

his answer was more or less like that:

"I could say the future of gaming is online gaming, but that would be easy. I believe in a near future, the most important guy in the production of the game will be the graphic artist, there will be less work for the coders, as companies will battle for the best looking games. Games will be produced by a big team, directed by one guy, it will be like the movies industry. You won't see many games made by a lonely guy in the basement of his house. This future will be considered the golden age for gaming"

Well, maybe he doesn't know we already have our own golden age for gaming

anyway, while I believe we really won't see many games from a lonely guy, I believe the best games are usually made by small teams. When you have huge teams, usually the guys don't know each other, they have different ideas, and the game just won't have an identy... I only know one guy who is 'Director' of games, it's Hideo Kojima from Konami, and he has 2 sucessfull series of games, "Metal Gear" and "Snatcher" ... and still he always work with a small team (and usually the same team)

And don't forget some REAL classics came from those guys programing lonely in the basemente of their house (What about Elite, or Andrew Braybook or Archer MacLean games?
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